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Invitation to contribute to a memorial volume in honour of Werner Sundermann (22nd Dec. 1935 - 12th Oct. 2012)

The Turfan Study Group (Turfanforschung) in Berlin where Werner Sundermann spent his working life and did so much so make the Middle Iranian texts of the Berlin Turfan Collection available through editions and commentaries would like to invite all interested scholars to contribute to a memorial volume in his honour. Given the wide range of subjects on which Werner Sundermann wrote and worked, we do not want to restrict the volume thematically in any way. We are anxious that all scholars feel welcome to take part in this volume and to show in this way Sundermann's broad scope of interests. We will have to limit the number of pages available for each contribution to ten pages (6000 words or 32000 characters including spaces).

In order to publish the volume as soon as possible we would require the contribution by the end of February 2014 and we hope to have completed the volume by the end of 2014. We are pleased to announce that Maria Macuch, editor of the series IRANICA has kindly agreed to host the volume in her series.

Please keep the layout of the text to a minimum. The names of modern authors, editors, translators etc. (including initials as necessary) should be in small caps. Titles of books and periodicals, transliterations and transcriptions should be in italics. Please avoid the use of bold, if possible.

Please include a list of the abbreviations used in the paper. This should be as detailed as possible. Please include a bibliography. If no bibliography is included then the full publication details of each work quoted should be given in the footnotes.

The bibliography should have the following form:
Books: R. E. EMMERICK: Saka grammatical studies. London 1968 (London Oriental series, 20).
Articles: W. B. HENNING: The Book of the Giants. In: BSOAS 11 (1943), 52-74.
Collections: P. ZIEME: Neue Fragmente des alttürkischen Sermons vom Licht-Nous. In:
CH. RECK, P. ZIEME (ed.): Iran und Turfan. Wiesbaden 1995, 251-276.
The short references (always in footnotes only) should be in the form: ZIEME 1995, 260-261.
Please send your contributions in text and pdf format to: rabuske@bbaw.de no later than the 28th of February 2014.

Papers will be reviewed by a panel of experts.

Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst
on behalf of the Turfan Study Group


Julien Ries (19.04.1920 - 23.02.2013)

Werner Sundermann (22.12.1935 - 12.10.2012)

Gherardo Gnoli (1937 - 2012)



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